gee emu! how come your mom lets you do two team reviews?

4 min readSep 20, 2019


I didn’t think my Div4 Mini team review was shitpost-y enough, so I feel compelled to write some more, in a less serious manner.


Wisp Khalifa — Having only played two games with him, there’s really not much to say just yet. Steven and I were drafting players together after his second pick, since that was around when I got home, and Wisp was one of the players we were eyeing, but unsure about. New to the league, totally unknown high 3k carry player. He was kind of a dice roll, but I can say that I at least am pretty pleasantly surprised.

Wisp seems like a very competent player mechanically, in both of our first games he performed pretty decently in the safe lane, especially considering his lane matchups. Game 1 he was playing into a Centaur, which is already hard enough for any melee hero, but especially when the opposing offlaner has like 1.5k mmr on you. Game 2 he was on Ember, a last minute switchup so we could run Slark into Monkey King mid, and he again performed very well.

Value Rating: 5/5

I think with a bit of learning, he’s going to gain a bunch of MMR and get a whole bunch better at Dota.

Emu — I understand that I’m probably seen as the second sketchiest first round pick, just under Bambino being overall first pick. That being said, I think I’m pretty value from a captain’s point of view, being something like the third highest mmr Mid player in the pool, but still being something like the mid 30th highest mmr.

Value Rating: 3/5

Steven just picked me because we’re friendstacking though, saving me from being sniped from some other dudes that were considering first picking me if I were available.

RSP — Okay, this one was all Steven. RSP is a former yETI stacker that has had some…. let’s say, confrontations. He left the yETI discord channel in a fit of rage, and hasn’t really been heard from for quite some time. This, of course, shows in his dotabuff since prior to RD2L starting up he hasn’t played the game in almost 7 or 8 months or something.

I’ll admit I was hesitant of this pick since RSP’s reputation precedes him, but he seems to be a bit reformed. I was fully expecting flames in our first couple games, but he kept a level head and played them out.

Value Rating: 4/5

With some more time and learning, like Wisp Khalifa, I think RSP will be a very solid offlaner for us once he learns the meta and polishes up a bit.

Dodecagon — Like Wisp, this was a guy that Steven and I had our eye on, but were kind of unsure about. Mid 3k core player that is looking to support for higher MMR players in RD2L. Seemed suss, but he was one of the highest MMR players left in the pool for last pick, and we didn’t really want to drop too low.

Value Rating: 5/5

Like Wisp again though, he’s surprised me with solid, consistent gameplay above the level that he’s advertised at. I think we’ve got some cool curveball niche hero picks coming from Dodeca that will open up our draft pool as well.

Steven — Our team captain, our sacrificial 5 player, my good friend since high school.

Steven sucks at dota, is easy to tilt, and probably doesn’t have the best leadership or drafting skills.

Value Rating: 0/5

But I love the guy, and generally have fun playing with him. Looking forward to trying to have a good season with him.

Closing Remarks:

This team is shaping up to be way, way better than I thought. I really thought we were high on the disband potential list, but we went 1–1 against Happyhobo’s team, who on paper seems like one of the stronger teams.

We’re gonna be looking for that 2–0, next week.

Clare, we’re coming for you.