Mini Season 8 Div. 4 Team Review — “Mom, you make the food, and I win the Dota.”


Give Up Dude, Team Captain — Some people think I can be kind of an asshole, but I like to think that I’m just an honest person through and through, and that I like to speak my mind. Give Up Dude was very PMA throughout the season, and for that I’m very appreciative, but as a player, he was kind of… Underwhelming. I learned this very quickly in week 1 in our second game versus LeoJ’s team, when he claimed that he would carry us hard with his Anti-mage, claiming to be NA’s greatest AM in the year of our lord 2019. Now granted, I don’t think the reason we lost that game was his fault — in fact, I think it was probably mine.
Game 1 was a very, very easy sweep. Anybody that’s even remotely familiar with me knows that I loathe Leoj. It’s not really a secret. So after Game 1, I think we were all kind of feeling ourselves. It was our first game together as a team, and everything was smooth sailing, so we got kind of cocky with picks and drafted me a Dazzle mid, which although I think I won the lane pretty hard, I definitely had a hard time taking tempo of the game.

Popping off on Ember despite losing mid to a Razor feels pretty good.
I think I just played like dog shit in this one.
11min blink dagger against Zeus monkaS


I think we definitely could have won the entire division had Give Up Dude’s internet not crapped out that night. Definitely not the worst team I’ve ever played with in RD2L, at least all the players still actively played Dota outside of the league. I can’t say that I ever got excited or looked forward to the games, though.



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