Season review — STOP THE COUNT

Ashen/Devil of Paradise/Aleks:

Not to be confused with 4leks, Ashen is a pretty reliable carry player. I think he improved quite a bit through out the season, but his decision making needs a bit of work. Early on in the season, there were some item choice issues that probably lost us the game, and in our final playoff games choosing to Troll ult into a Monkey King ring was probably kind of game losing, but I had fun playing with this dude. Like everyone else on my team, he’s a swell dude.


Kisses was swapped off-role after the first couple weeks, which I mention in the next section(which I wrote first), meaning he was playing 3.


Neku was our team captain, and although he didn’t take to that role too much in-game, he happily handled all the other mundane captain duties such as scheduling and whatnot. I was fine to draft and shot-call in game, so it worked out nicely since I hate doing that shit.

New Couch Day:

I have 0 clue what this name is supposed to mean but Couch owns. Good attitude, listens to others, and will gladly play his Jakiro or Grimstroke every single goddamn game. For an Archon 5 player, my guy is very value. If he practices his laning or has a talkative carry that will tell him what to do, you’ll see great things from him. Like when he solo killed the enemy Immortal carry with Ice path.


This is the furthest I’ve made it into RD2L on any team, not that I’ve played as many seasons as a lot of other players. Everyone on STOP THE COUNT was agreeable, and the energy we had when we were popping off and winning games was fantastic. Even when we’re losing, these guys kept a great attitude and gave it their all. I don’t think there was a single moment of tilt all season.



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